Toy of the Month – October 2017

This month we are testing out an incredibly beautiful toy, like I am not joking, this is one I have never seen before and when Happy Go Ducky Toys asked me to review it, I jumped at being gifted the opportunity.

This month we review their incredible Extra Large Wooden Triangle Puzzle which is from Czech brand Playful Wood.

Happy Go Ducky are an Australian based company run by wife and husband team, Amy and Votja, who in 2015 started to bring to Australia the most incredible Czech designed and produced toys like the Playful Wood range of toys.

Their ethos is closely aligned to mine in that they only sell toys that are ethically and sustainably produced, they want their toys to last and not to add to the growing plastic junk pile. Along with being completely safe for little ones in terms of non toxic toys, they are also educational and open learning toys that allow for the creativity and fun!

This puzzle is super large and seriously stunning! It arrives in a large wooden frame with 18 large triangles, 24 smaller triangles and dowel rods in 4 different sizes. This puzzle arrives in a beautiful wooden frame that allows you to store the puzzle, however, it has a hole in the middle of the frame which you can also use it to make 3D shapes.

toy-of-the-month-october-2017-happy-go-ducky-wooden-puzzleIf you are playing with children younger than 3 or have baby siblings, the dowel rods arrive in a plastic ziplock bag and you can store these away so that your baby doesn’t get to them.  You can then play with the puzzle as you would with building blocks and make shapes with the triangles and do colour based learning skills with children under 3.

The puzzle then becomes really versatile as for our 5 and 8 year sons we then used the dowel rods to create shapes and 3D

We created vertical 3D shapes with the dowel and found that the more tricky vertical 3D creations work well up against a wall. The smaller ones can stand by themselves depending on the size dowel you use. The smallest of the dowel pieces allows for more stability.

It is great as not only is the puzzle a great way to learn colours, shapes, and experiment with different designs, it also helps to teach ideas like balance and movement.

happy-go-ducky-playful-wood-extra-large-wooden-puzzle-review kids-gifts-and-toys-happy-go-ducky-playful-wood-wooden-puzzle-reviewkids-gifts-and-toys-happy-go-ducky-playful-wood-wooden-puzzle-review kids-gifts-and-toys-happy-go-ducky-playful-wood-wooden-puzzle-toy-review

I have to say this wooden puzzle is an absolute gem of a toy and worth paying that bit extra for a decent quality puzzle that grows with your child.

You can create so many different types of designs from abstract shapes to things like merry go rounds, rocket ships, and even a map of your country!

This is a toy that you will enjoy looking at packed away in its gorgeous wooden frame as well as set up for play. I warn you it is one of those toys that even adults will find both relaxing and fun to play with their children.

Toy of the Month – Extra Large Wooden Triangle Puzzle from Happy Go Ducky Toys

Helps to teach kids: about shapes, colours, balance and movement. It helps them think creatively and abstractly because there are no set guidelines or pictures showing what you can make like a normal puzzle provides. It is all down to the child’s imagination. This puzzle is great for developing fine motor skills with the use of the wooden dowels and brilliant for developing visual perception.

Great for:  open ended play and creative play. A toy that grows with your child from building blocks as a toddler to 3D shapes as a child.

RRP: $120.00

Measurements: 50cm x 43cm

All of the toys in the Playful Wood range are handmade using eco friendly, ethically and sustainably sourced timbers which are all FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. They use water soluble,  non- toxic paints.

Happy Go Ducky Toys are one of my favourite Australian based toy companies due to their environmental ethos and the fact they are a family run business, please check out their Instagram or Facebook page and support small this Christmas!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post; however I did receive a sample for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


  1. Online Toy Stores Australia November 9, 2017

    Excellent puzzle game.

    • Liz November 9, 2017

      Oh so glad you love it too! It really is an amazing puzzle. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated. Lizzie

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