Toy of the month – July 2015

This month’s “Toy of the month” is about tape. Tape, I hear you say? That is not a toy?! Yes, tape, but not just any old tape, this is tape in the shape of a train track which you can stick to your floors – carpet, laminate or wooden floors to create a train track!!


Over the last school holidays, the boys and I had a lot of fun building and creating a train track using Donkey Creative Lab’s “My First Train” tape from Finlee and Me. Each tape comes with a small wooden train and 33m x 5cm of tape to stick to floors, tables, or even walls! It comes in a little plastic gift box which makes for a great gift idea!

It was a cold winter’s day outside and the tape track made the perfect indoor activity to keep the boys amused. The boys got out all of their trains and wooden toy sets to play with and together we set up a great little track using the train tape. It took time to set up the track and the boys asked for parking areas for the trains.  After pulling out of all of their wooden trains and playing with the train set, most of the morning was gone.

We kept it set up for about a week or more to allow them to come in and play when they wanted to and to see how the tape faired over the course of the week. It didn’t come away from the edges and stayed perfectly intact.



Deco tape 6

We stuck our tape to our new laminate flooring, barely 3 months old. I have to say I was a little scared that it wouldn’t come off our new floors, but the tape came off easily and only left some sticky residue in a few places. The sticky residue came out with a tiny bit of sponge action – Yay!




Donkey Creative Lab, the German company behind the train track, also do a “My First Racing Car” which comes with a pull back racing car as well as a “My First Horse Show” which comes with 2 horses, which would be another great indoor activity.

My boys loved the flexibility the train tape gave as well as being able to use their existing wooden trains and play sets for the track.

It would make a great travel pack to take with you on holiday and use in a hotel room or even at the airport if you had a long lay over. It is nice and small in size and easily fit into a carry on bag.

Toy of the Month:           Donkey “My First Train” tape

Helps to teach kids: imaginative play, construction, fine motor skills and collaboration.

Great for: travelling, birthday presents, sleepovers at the Grandparents and rainy day activities.

RRP: $21.95 from Finlee and Me

Ages 3+

Made and designed in Germany.

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Disclaimer: we received the product in order to review it.