Toy of the month – July 2016

Rainbows for me are one of the most beautiful things you can see in nature, all the colours sparkling bright across the sky. You want to chase it to find where it ends!

They are wonderfully inspiring and bring such positive vibes that I just had to own one for my own home. We all need a rainbow to live in our house, don’t we?

This month I review Grimms wooden rainbow stacker, though it will be a pretty biased review as I just love this toy so much! This isn’t a sponsored post, this is one toy I love and as soon as the pastel rainbow was released in Australia, I bought it!

I have been in love with the Grimms brand for a number of years now and I was ever so lucky to visit their stand at the international toy fair in Nuremberg in 2014. It was the bomb, filled with rainbow colours galore and wooden toy delights. It was a feast for the eyes.


I had always had one of their rainbow stackers on my wish list for the boys. Well one day many moons ago, we were in a gorgeous toy shop in Nuremberg where we used to live and I saw them. Now, they come in 3 sizes, small, medium and large. I of course wanted the large as I felt there were so many more open ended play possibilities with the larger size. Unfortunately the hubby was around and thought I was being preposterous to want to spend so much money on a wooden rainbow stacker!!

Well,  he may have been right…maybe, but I have regretted the decision ever since.

Until, this year when Grimms brought out the pastel rainbow stacker!! That was it, I knew it was meant to be and that the stacker from Finlee and Me would be mine. Ahem, the boys! 😉

So why do I love it so much, you ask?


It has so many uses for play and it is JUST BEAUTIFUL! Yep I admit, totally suckered in by the beauty of the pastel wooden rainbow. But again back to it’s uses. We have made car tunnels, doll houses, plane hangars and little animal play pens.

Grimms_pastel_stacker_mini_roomsGrimms_pastel_stacker_mini_rooms_9Grimms_pastel_stacker_mini_rooms_8Grimms_pastel_stacker_mini_rooms_3 Full dollhouse- grimms rainbow
We have made the stacker into a marble run.


We have stacked them up high til they almost fell but not quite.




We have made little mini cities with the rainbows and other toys of ours. Grimms_pastel_stacker_cityscape2-rs

I come back each day and look in the playroom and find the boys have created another new way to play with the stacker. They have not been prompted, they just enjoy playing with it, stacking it, making into tunnels and just using their imagination to see what it will create for them that day.

When a toy can capture a child’s imagination so much that they see endless possibilities with it. That is a classic, timeless toy, all children need to own!

Toy of the month: Grimms large rainbow stacker

Helps to teach kids:  colours, numbers, fine motor skills for stacking and balancing the wooden rainbow,  creative and social skills such as independent learning, cooperation and self-confidence.

Great for:  creative and imaginary play. There are so many open ended possibilities with this toy and your child will use their imagination to come up with all manner of beautiful creations.

RRP:  $132.95 AUS. Available in Australia through Finlee & Me. It isn’t cheap I realise that however, this stacker will be dearly loved by your children and their children and given it’s endless possibilities, it will be used over the years in endless ways.

Ages: 3+

Designed in Germany and made in the Czech Republic.

King of the castle_ grimms_ pastel_ stacker

Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.


  1. Maria Johnson August 5, 2016

    This looks like such a cute idea! I’d love to make each of my babies ones! Thanks:)

  2. Therese Perdue November 24, 2016

    SO fun! I’ve always loved the Grimm’s rainbow too! I’m planning on getting one for my boys this Christmas! Do you think the pastel is ok for boys? It’s not too girly? I love both and I’m trying to decide between the two! 🙂

    • Liz November 24, 2016

      Hi Therese, thanks for your message and isn’t the Grimms rainbow so wonderful!! I have 2 boys and they love the pastel rainbow. We also have the smaller rainbow in the primary colours but looking at both, I just seem to love the pastel more. It is more fresh and a little bit unique. Let me know what you decide and happy Christmas shopping! Lizzie

      • Therese Perdue November 25, 2016

        Thanks so much for replying! 🙂 I think I’m going to go for the pastel then- it’s SO beautiful! It’s good to know your boys love it, thanks! I’m also going to get the natural semicircles too to go with the rainbow- have you seen those? You can use them together to build buildings or whatever! I’m so excited to play with them! hehe! 🙂

        • Liz November 25, 2016

          No worries at all Therese and yay the pastel is awesome. FAB choice lovely, they will love it. Ohh i don’t think i know the natural semi circles, also from Grimms? I will need to take at look at those, they sound awesome and the perfect combo with the rainbow. Another gorgeous brand I have just discovered is Gluckskafer. Stunning wooden toys, definitely check them out too!

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